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SMAG Anaerobic Reactor

The Structured Media Attached Growth (SMAG), is a patented technology. This anaerobic treatment system is a fixed film, fixed bed reactor and is packed with specially designed plastic media to provide a very large surface area for the anaerobic bacterial film to grow and become immobilized. This media has a void ratio of 95% and provides surface area of 95 to 105 square meters in each cubic meter volume. The entire media is kept submerged in the reactor content. The micro-organisms attached to specially designed media metabolise organic matter in the wastewater and produce methane rich biogas which can be used as non-conventional energy source for generation of steam & power.

The structured media attached growth (SMAG) technology offered by us has inherent multiple advantages like Quick Restart, Low Area Requirement, High Reliability, Continuous Generation of Bio-gas with an extremely attractive PAY-BACK period of less than two years.

This process can be used for treatment of high strength wastewater like distillery, pharmaceutical etc.

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