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Continuous Stirred Tank ( CSTR) Reactor

CSTR technology based Biogas Plants are based on indigenously developed CSTR (Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor) Technology. The plant is simple to operate, runs very smoothly and is trouble-free.

In the digester the effluent mixed with the recycled biomass from the post-clarifier gets further mixed with contents of the digester with the help of Top-central agitator and Bottom Mixers, which provide homogeneous mixing in the digester. Anaerobic digestion takes place in the Digester, as a result of which BOD/COD is reduced and biogas is generated.

The digested effluent overflows into a Gas Dispersing vessel where entrapped gases from digester overflow fluid are released. Degassed effluent flows into the post-clarifier for separation of active biomass from outgoing treated effluent.

The clarified effluent leaves the Post-clarifier for disposal or Composting Plant, while the separated biomass is recycled back continuously into the Digester. A part of the recycling fluid is added into the buffer tank, which helps in neutralization of the spent wash and reducing its temperature before feeding to the digester. The excess biomass is removed from the bottom of digester regularly to sludge drying beds for disposal, or to be used as farm manure.

The biogas produced in the Digester accumulates in digester roof, from where it flows to the Gasholder. The Gasholder acts as intermediate gas storage as well as a pressure control vessel. This also protects the Digester from explosion, in case of any backfire in biogas line from the boiler.



The Some of Reva Enviro’s CSTR Installations



Type of Industry



Chitale Dairy, Sangli, MS


1000 m3/d
COD : 3000 mg/l


Mitocon Biotec ( SPIC) Pharmaceuticals Ltd, Cudalore, TN


25 MT Mycelium / Day


Krebs Biochemicals, Hyderabad


125 m3/d
COD : 125000 mg/l


Dinshaw’s Frozen Foods, Nagpur, M.S.


300 m3/d
COD : 3000 mg/l


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